The Thing You Breed

The Thing You Breed

The first EP, combining epic rock melodies and electronic soundtrack

The Thing You Breed is a fusion of epic rock melodies and elaborate sound from industrial music.
Playing with different scales of energy, the EP features various atmospheres between up-tempo progressive rock and deeper melodic themes, leaving room for meaningful lyrics to guide the audience through.

Like a wake-up call, The Thing You Breed is the necessary expression of an inner self, warning a sleeping consciousness through a last resort attempt. This is the story of what lies within ourselves, whether it saves or destructs us, but giving an opportunity to see who we truly are.



All instruments and vocals performed, recorded and mixed by Nicolas Fleury.

Lyrics written by Nicolas Fleury.

Mastering by Nicolas Fleury.

Released on December the 1st, 2014.

Copyright © 2014, All Rights Reserved.

Un EP à l’émotion sauvage et visuelle, que l’on croit pouvoir tenir entre nos mains avant qu’il nous échappe et vive sa propre existence sous nos yeux écarquillés.Raphaël Duprez, Indie Music